Green tourism program in Scotland

An itinerary of 7 jours and 6 nuits in Scotland

Because at BrightSide Travel we want our trips to be meaningful to you and have a positive impact on the places you visit, a portion of the proceeds from this trip will be donated to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) Based on the Isle of Mull, HDWT has been working to protect cetaceans in the waters of West Scotland for over 20 years. The death of the teams: scientific research and precise data allow effective protection! HDWT dedicates a large part of its activities to research and data collection. The results of their work make it possible to inform the Scottish government but also the general public about the fragility of the marine environment and cetaceans. HDWT members are directly involved with local communities, and their education programs reach 20,000 people every year!, raising awareness of the importance of the marine environment, and encouraging people to take daily action for its protection. 


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